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Health and Food Technology
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Health and Food Technology provides an opportunity to study the relationships between health, nutrition, and the functional properties of food, lifestyle choices and consumer issues. This course develops an awareness of informed food and dietary choices that can have a positive effect on the health of learners and enable them to advise others. Learners also develop a range of skills and applications of food preparation techniques, although it is more academic than practical.

Is this course for me?

The Course will attract learners who have an interest in health, food and consumer issues. It will also appeal to learners with relevant prior learning gained through Biology, Business Management, Chemistry and Geography N4/5 courses. It will particularly appeal to learners who have an ability to link theory to practice. The flexible context and breadth of learning experiences offered should be attractive to a variety of learners.

An understanding of dietary needs and knowledge of consumer choice and rights encourages individuals to develop positive attitudes and values towards factors which can impact on learners’ own and others’ health and food choices.