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Parent Council

Who are the Parent Council?

The Parent Council is led by Senga Laurie (Chair).

What does the Parent Council do?

Most of our “work” is done at the meetings we have in school with the Head Teacher during the early evening. These are quite informal and last 60 – 90 minutes, with one meeting per term usually taking place. Pupil Council representatives are usually involved in one of these meetings. We occasionally attend additional meetings relating to fundraising events or school committees within the school.

Overall we aim to:   

• Support the school in its work with pupils

• Represent the views of parents and carers

• Encourage links between the school, parents/carers, pupils, the Church and the wider community.

It is for us as parents to decide what is most important for the Parent Council to work on. We provide an opportunity for parents to get involved in whatever ways suit them to support our school to get the best education for all it’s pupils. 

What support do we get?

  • Training from Education Services if we need it and want to attend
  • Access to other guidance, if we need it
  • Funding to cover any expenses incurred

If you would like to join the Parent Council, please contact the Head Teacher or come along to a meeting. Future meetings will be advertised via the school social media channels (eg. Facebook, Twitter).