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S1-3 BGE
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In S1 and S2 pupils follow a course based around the Level 3/Level 4 Technologies experiences and outcomes in Health and Wellbeing. The S1/2 course is currently under review, more information on this course will follow once the course plans have been revised.

In S3 pupils will undertake three separate units

From March until May dependent on each individual pupil learning journey N3 and N4 units will be attempted and completed to set pupils for their progression into the department and the specific courses that they will be successful in for their senior phase years.

S3 will attend the department for three single periods a week, depending on the units and topics being studied the format of the week will change but all classes will cook at least one period a week. On the proviso that all homework’s or class tasks are completed. If these are not completed by an individual they will be invited to finish this theory content during practical sessions.