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Modern Languages


Learning a new Language allows you to connect with different people and their cultures.  You think, communicate and create ideas through Language.  The Modern Languages Department aims to meet the needs of every pupil to help them become successful learners, confident individuals, responsible global citizens and effective contributors. 

The Department aims to ensure all pupils have access to high quality education that includes an active learning environment, with well-planned experiences and outcomes.  Within the Department, teachers make pupils aware of our high expectations and support pupils to meet them by setting appropriate targets, taking into account their individual needs and learning styles. 

We aim to build on pupils’ previous knowledge to further develop their skills, to enable them to reach their highest educational potential.  The Department is committed to providing a safe and protective environment, where all pupils and staff feel valued, and their contributions are recognised. 


Miss C O’Byrne (PTS)

Ms C Beltran (PTPS)

Ms ML MacDonald (DHT)

Ms S MacMillan

Ms A Smith