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Business Education


The Business Education Department aims to equip learners with the necessary digital, organisational and entrepreneurial thinking skills that are essential in today’s modern workforce. Through a well structured curriculum and innovative teaching practices we ensure that learners are well prepared for each stage of their journey through education in secondary school and beyond into higher education and employment.



Mrs C Lynch – Principal Teacher / Acting DHT

Ms K Gildea – Acting Principal Teacher

Mrs J McGoldrick – Teacher

Ms S Meharry - Teacher



The S1-6 Curriculum is split into 2 phases. From S1-3 learners follow the Broad General Education (BGE). In the BGE our courses are structured around the experiences and outcomes in both the Social Studies and Technologies Curricular Areas at Levels 3&4.

In S4-6 learners move into the Senior Phase where they work towards National Qualifications in Administration and Business subjects. We also offer the National Progression Award in Business with Information Technology.

Please follow the links to find out about the curriculum within the department in the BGE and Senior Phase as well as a flavour of activities within the department.